Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tennessee Book Company (TBC) publish books?
No, TBC is a distributor and wholesaler of books for publishers.

How do I obtain a book that is not listed in one of the TBC catalogs?
Please contact the Customer Care Department at 800-456-0418, Option 3. The fact that the item is not in our catalog does not necessarily mean that we do not carry or have access to the item. Please refer to the Special Order Service information listed in the Special Service Section on our web site.

How can I obtain free teacher's materials that accompany the textbooks?
If requested on the original order, Tennessee Book Company will forward the request with proof of purchase to the publisher representatives. To ensure timely delivery and accuracy, please contact the publisher representative directly using the email address located on our website under Publisher Information.

Can TBC sell to out-of-state customers?
No, our sales are limited solely to customers located within the state of Tennessee.

Is Tennessee Book Company a part of Tennessee State Government?
No, Tennessee Book Company is a privately owned company that has served as Tennessee's authorized publisher's distributor and state-approved textbook depository since 1935.

How much does Tennessee Book Company "mark-up" materials sold to Tennessee schools?
Zero. Our price is either the same national price available from the publisher, or the price set by contract between the publisher and the State of Tennessee. Our administrative costs are covered by small service fees publishers pay us for the distribution of their products and the collection of payments from schools.


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