Special-Order Service Reminder

We wish to take this opportunity to remind you of the Special-Order service we routinely provide our customers each year in conjunction with their textbook and workbook procurement.

While most of your instructional materials are related to Tennessee's state-approved list of textbooks, we realize that many school systems and individual schools utilize other instructional material either in Advanced Placement or other non-basal courses, and auxiliary, supplemental teaching tools in core curriculum areas. For more than 30 years, Tennessee Book Company has been assisting our state's public and private school community in the provision of these non-adopted materials.

Whether the requested material is a classroom set of new phonics workbooks, Shakespearian plays in paperback format, soft-bound vocabulary work-texts, or advanced-level texts in a particular discipline, Tennessee Book Company does business with many publishers each year to obtain the titles you need.

In most instances we can supply these materials to you at exactly the same school price you would pay when ordering directly from the publisher; moreover, when feasible we can combine your orders for these special materials with your other, routine orders and ship all products to you under one bill of lading. The net advantages to you, then, are:

• Simplified Procurement Procedure
• Reduced Number of Accounts Payable
• Lower Administrative Costs
• Reduced Transportation Expense

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