Who We Are

State law mandates that all publishers under contract with the State of Tennessee to supply state-approved instructional materials to our public schools must maintain a distribution center, or depository, within the state.

Founded in 1935, Tennessee Book Company has served continuously in this role. In 1964 the company was acquired by Ingram Industries, a privately held corporation with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Tennessee Book Company remains the K-12 academic products division of Ingram Content Group.

Our primary purpose as a textbook depository is to provide Tennessee schools with a central source of supply at the lowest costs and with the fastest service possible. Within the arrangement we also afford our publishers an economical means of both distribution their products and sustaining their business relationships with the state's schools.

A distributor for many educational publishers, we sell only to state-certified boards of education; individual public schools; private and parochial schools; learning centers; teachers; and several retailers acting in the capacity of schoolbook dealers.

In addition to supplying state-adopted materials, the company also sells Advanced Placement, special education, and other non-basal materials for all subject matter areas from kindergarten through twelfth grade, including college-level product and trade paperbacks.

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