Local Adoption Report Instructions

State of Tennessee
Official List of Textbooks

Section A
Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology,
Human Services, Education & Training, Misc.

Contract Period June, 1 2016 - July 30, 2022

In concert with the Tennessee Department of Education, Tennessee Book Company has incorporated slight modification to the process for recording adoptions.

Your cooperation in filing this information is crucial to the overall success of the adoption process, because the information you provide is critical in determining the forecasts for inventory requirements on the parts of both the various publishers and Tennessee Book Company. If the information is not filed in a timely and accurate manner, material requirements forecast for Tennessee could be understated and shortages in stock could ensure.

The links provided below are used during the process. The Instruction Checklist is a step-by-step listing of how to proceed. Please take a minute to print and review this page before proceeding any further. Included in these instructions are the instructions on how to use the other links. The last two links are the Guidelines and forms for adopting a textbook program that is not on contract.

Instruction Checklist
Print First

Textbook Adoption Report

Certificate of Adoption

Guidelines for Use of Textbooks & Instructional Materials Not on Contract

Should you ahve any questins regarding the Adoption Recording process, please contact Alison Gower at 615-253-3160, or alison.gower@tn.gov

For technical problems, please contact Kellie Dumas at 615-213-7938, or kellie.dumas@tennesseebook.com



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