Section A Official Information

This is the Official listing of Textbooks and information for Section A. If you have any questions, please call Alison Gower at 615-253-3160.

Category Information

Categories on Bid Section A
Category A Reviews
Category A Public Comments

Approved Section A - The Tennessee State Board of Education approved the attached titles for Section A on October 23, 2015.

Books that did not meet the alignment criteria for CTE A

Adoption Information
Adoption Abstract - ED5099

At this time, there will not be a Caravan for Section A. If you would like to request a Publisher Presentation, please contact your Publisher Representative.

Sample Information
Please click on the link above to access the sample request webpage
Per the Sample Policy each district is allowed up to 6 samples per category. If you would prefer to view samples online, you can access by clicking here.
Sample Results - Publisher Use - This page will be updated every Friday afternoon.


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